A Special Day: Fly Fishing Bernese Mountain Creeks

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Back in July, I spent a special day waist-deep in Bernese mountain creeks.

Waist-deep in Bernese mountain creeks
Waist-deep in Bernese mountain creeks

This was a special day to me. I woke up in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by magnificent mountains. The weather looked superb. I got up quickly, met André in the living room and shortly after breakfast we sat in the car.

We had scouted some rivers the day before, yet the Bernese mountain creeks did not look very convincing.They were either too low or too murky due to glacial water. In one river bed, there was even work done with excavators. Hence, we had to look further for suitable water to fish.

Fly Fishing in Bernese mountain creeks

Since, I started doing guiding, I became accustomed to have always a plan B. It came in handy as well this time. Hence, we drove to another nearby valley, where I had fished the previous year. Back then, I was blown away by its beauty and wildness. Read the report about last year’s trip here.

Image from last year's fishing in the Bernese mountain creeks
Image from last year’s fishing in the Bernese mountain creeks

In contrast to last year’s visit, André and I started wading further downstream and worked our way up. The creek runs just meters next to a windy mountain road. Nevertheless, the street is barely visible or audible, because the creek eroded the stone into a deep gorge and the ripple of the water is at times deafening. I have to admit that I could watch this bubbly stream for hours. It is just balm for my soul to get lost in such places.

The fishing was good and we caught fish in several pools sometimes even sighted. This is spectacular.

Huge boulders blocking the way
Huge boulders blocking the way

At some point massive boulders blocked the way. We climbed the first ones and arrived at a small but deep pool. Fishing with a Royal Wulff dry fly, I casted into the eddy of the pool, but there was no reaction. So André tried with a nymph. Immediately the fish hit the target and an intensive drill later our eyes glazed at the beauty of this fish.

Wonderful wild brown trout from a Swiss mountain creek
Wonderful wild brown trout from a Swiss mountain creek

Next creek

Due to being not able to continue upstream in the gorge, we returned to the car. There we decided to have a look at another stream, which neither of us had fished before. This Bernese mountain creek had a more extensive gravel bed and less fish. At the end of the stretch, there was a restaurant where we finished the day with a beer and good talks

Wonderful deep pools in a gorge of a Bernese mountain creek
Wonderful deep pools in a gorge of a Bernese mountain creek

Why was it a special day?

This sounds rather like an average fishing trip you would have in the Swiss Alps, so why is it a special day?

It was my birthday and I would not have changed a thing.

This was just perfect to me.

6 Responses

  1. Jay

    Wow simply amazing fishing!


    You really need to try this kind of streams with a short (6.5-7ft) fiberglass rod! :)

    • Tom

      Hi Jay,
      I wish I’d have a short fibreglass rod #3 – but I don’t. Might be a purchase worth considering :)

  2. Jay

    These days there are amazing fiberglass rods.
    Affordable ones are from Echo, Redington and Cabela’s.
    Fancier ones are from Scott, Orvis and Thomas & Thomas.

    If you really want the finest ones, look for custom rods from boutique builders like Chris Barclay (USA), Yamame rods (Netherlands), Epic (NZ) and Matt Leiderman (USA). There are many more boutique. I’ve got a bunch of these fiberglass rods and they are so much fun.

    Let me know if I can help you.

    • Tom

      I had a try with the Scott G2 from a fishing buddy and I struggled a fair bit with the slow action of the rod, which I wasn’t used to. Yet, I had an eye on the Epic rods from NZ and might consider one for those small streams because it just looks so peaceful and it is a totally different feeling. Which one is your favourite?

  3. Jay

    There are so many amazing rods with different actions.
    For 3 weight I’ve got an amazing 7.3ft by Chris Barclay as well as a 8.6ft by Livingston Rod Company. 4 weight I’ve got a vintage Winston Stalker (7.5ft) and another one from Barclay. 5 weight the 580 Epic is amazing.

    What you need is cast several type of rods to see what you like. A softer action is what is common with fiberglass.

    Here’s a video a few years ago where I’m fishing with my 580 Epic in southern Germany:

    • Tom

      Nice clip and wonderful grayling!
      Yes, I absolutely need to cast them first before I buy any rod. So if you make your way down to Switzerland, do not forget to bring your arsenal of fibreglass rods ;) :D

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