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2016 an Eventful Year in Retrospection

The year 2016 has been full of surprises for ExpediTom. Not only winning a video contest, but also visits to several destinations made 2016 an eventful year.

I started this year in the backcountry of New Zealand, where I stayed overnight during a fishing trip. I have to admit, that this was one of the best New Year’s Eve I have ever had and I took it as a good omen for the year. After leaving New Zealand and a quick stop in Australia, my travel continued to Thailand. There, I even managed to fly fish for Golden Mahseer. However, the travel had to come to an end and so I returned back home by February.

It was not long, until ventured again to another country for fishing purpose. Jan, who you may know from this post here, and I flew to Dublin in June for 3 days to go for some lake fishing in the Lough Corrib. Unfortunately, it seemed that we just missed the good time for trout fishing and neither of us caught one. Still, we had a great adventure while cruising the lake, camping and enjoying life in the pubs.

Only one month later, the history excursion took place, where me and some folks from the university went to Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Almost all time we were close to some gorgeous waters and splendid fishing opportunities. Yet, it was not until we arrived in Slovenia that I found time to fish. As you can read in the post about the excursion, I was totally over the top about the prime fishing you find in Slovenia and I definitely plan to go there again. Who knows, maybe already next year.

After this adventures abroad, I focused more on exploring waters at home thoroughly. I explored waters of the Swiss alps with Firebelly, joined Petteri for fishing in the Canton Vaud, visited my mate Claudio in Canton Schwyz and undertook many other fishing trips. Thus, 2016 was truly an eventful year.

Moreover, I won the Fly Fishing Nation video contest in May. Therefore, ExpediTom received an Arctic Silver Innovation fly rod with the free flex system, as well as one week with the guys from the Nation in the Hotel Bräurup in Mittersill. This fishing trip will hopefully take place in April of 2017, but more on that on another occasion.

2016 An Eventful year in retrospection_Fly Fishing Nation Video Contest Winner
Winning the video contest of Fly Fishing Nation

Looking at my goals for ExpediTom, which I formulated in this post here, you can see clearly that most of them I achieved. First and foremost, ExpediTom still exists and is constantly growing. There are already more than 650 followers on Facebook, over 1200 on Instagram and meagre 35 subscribers on Youtube. Since October ExpediTom publishes a new post every week and the stats are constantly growing too. Yet, my second goal, to finish all movies from New Zealand, has not been accomplished so far. However, it is in progress and I am continuing cutting. Unfortunately, it seems to me that my high expectations for this movie significantly slow down the progress, but the good side of high expectations is that I put a lot of effort into this movie.

Goal three, to catch a brook trout, was achieved while fly fishing the Swiss Alps guided by Firebelly. This expedition with an overnight stay in a hut was an incredible experience. So please check out the homepage of Firebelly!

ExpediTom Goal #3 accomplished! Catching a Swiss brook trout - an eventful year
ExpediTom Goal #3 accomplished! Catching a Swiss brook trout.

Lastly, the goal to explore more home waters had definitely been done. This year, I explored 3 new provinces of Switzerland and more are yet to come. Although, I had only a glimpse at what these other Cantons offer, it made me craving for more. So stay tuned and follow the adventures of ExpediTom.

What’s left to say after such an eventful year?

Having said this, I want to thank you all who read this and follow the adventures of ExpediTom. The stats show that ExpediTom reaches out to an audience from near and far and I am glad that people like my posts, videos and reviews. If you have any recommendations, advice or even critic, do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you and your family all the best for 2017 and may all your dreams come true.


Tom from ExpediTom fly fishing in New Zealand - 2016 an eventful year in retrospection
Tom from ExpediTom fly fishing in New Zealand

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