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A Love Letter

I love you for your unconditional commitment to whatever we had in mind.

Dear You

We first met in New Zealand. It was not love at first sight. Rather, it was functional relationship and it worked out very well. I fell for you because of your spontaneity, your adventurous spirit, and your resilience. Moreover, you are easy on the eyes.

From this moment onward, you joined me on every adventure all around the globe; be it fly fishing in Myanmar, hiking in Sweden, fishing in Austria, Slovenia, Thailand, trekking in Patagonia, or just an overnighter in Switzerland. Never have I had any problems with you. You warmed me when it was bitterly cold and provided shade in the heat of the day. Occasionally, I misused you to safeguard my camera gear or worse – as a napkin. Whatever it was that I asked from you, you were there for me without arguing. I loved you for this unconditional commitment to whatever we had in mind. However, it must have been tough on you at times to endure the rigors of all these undertakings.

I regret that we lost touch. It was all my mistake. Not paying attention for a brief moment, I overlooked that the current had swept you away. It is kind of ironic, that we were separated in the very same country that we had met. Being thankful for the time we had, I love to reminisce about all our adventures. Even though there are many other options around, you were the one who shared all those memories with me. There still is a spark of hope that I might find you one day. But to be honest, I doubt there is the slightest chance of finding the very same Buff again.

Lots of love,


Fly fishing in Myanmar Inle lake with my beloved Buff head wear
Fly fishing in Myanmar Inle lake with my beloved Buff head wear

2 Responses

  1. Rob Mellors

    Losing your Buff. It happens a lot you know. Jane lost hers on our flight to Thailand last year and replaced it with a much inferior product from the night market in Bangkok. Hope your next one brings you as much pleasure (and protection!).

    • Tom

      Hi Rob
      Good to hear from you and sorry for the delay. Indeed, Buff’s as other small items are prone to get lost. There is still a glimpse of hope that I can get hold of the very same item. I hope you and Jane are well and you did not have to cancel any trips these days.
      All the best,

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