Another Bivouacking Fishing Trip in Switzerland

Last weekend, I decided once more to go for another bivouacking fishing trip to be straight next to the river in the morning.

In contrast to my previous bivouacking trip where it was 2 degrees Celsius (35F), this time it was 7 degree Celsius (45F). Nevertheless, I wore the same amount of clothes I needed the first time. Subsequently, I woke up in the middle of the night because I was too warm. Amazed by this occurrence I had to take off one layer.

Bivouacking fishing trip: Start of the day
Bivouacking fishing trip: Start of the day

In the morning after fishing unsuccessfully for a while I packed my camp, cleaned the area from some waste and left for the meeting point. I arrived at the bridge a few minutes to early and decided to explore the river already. The small stream was very promising and after practising casting for a few minutes, a car stopped nearby.

It was André who you might remember from previous trips such as the one of the end of trout season or fishing for grayling. Together we wanted to explore some unknown parts of this small creek nestled in the Jura mountains.

After fly fishing upstream with nymphs and dry flies for 2 hours we recognized another fisherman. Similar to us he was not successful yet. However, in contrast to us he used spinning gear. We wished good luck and continued upstream. It was only at the second pool after this unforeseen meeting, that André hooked and lost a fish after a superb cast between and under several branches of a tree. Instantly our spirits were high again.

However, what I did not like at all, was that the spinning guy continued fishing upstream as well and we jumped each other several times. Therefore, André and I decided to stop fishing for a while and continue at a later stage.

Always check stones before fishing you might find some mayfly nymphs...
Always check stones before fishing you might find some mayfly nymphs…


Match the hatch - a caddis fly larva and its imitation.
Match the hatch – a caddis fly larva and its imitation.



We continued exploring the small stream and to our surprise, mayflies began to hatch and the trout began to rise eagerly. After some spooked fish and one lost, we came to the bridge pool. There, we witnessed the magic of dry fly fishing at its best and André showed off his skills as master caster. However, as soon as I began fishing the same pool I disturbed all trout by my not very careful casting with an overused leader.

Our exploration continued and we were surprise h ow many dry fly sipping fish we found. Yet, to fish all pools more thoroughly we had needed to have more time. Therefore, we pressed onwards to explore the entire river section.

Finally a well-deserved catch.
Finally a well-deserved catch.


Testing the new Guidestream Drift reel - I love the colour.
Testing the new Guidestream Drift reel – I love the colour.


Summary of another bivouacking fishing trip

It was an amazing trip where neither me nor André expected to find dry fly sipping trout. The hatch took place around 1 o’clock which is the warmest time during the day.

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