6 Methods to Cure Cabin Fever

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Sorry for click baiting, there is no cure for cabin fever. Yet, there are methods to cope with it.

What is Cabin Fever?

Cabin fever is the emotional and physical response of people, who are isolated from something they need usually within four walls and for an extended time usually during Winter. This need can be anything from a stroll in the forest to just being outside and in my case, it is most notably to go fly fishing. It is off season here in Switzerland and I slowly but surely begin to feel nervous, counting the days and being excited.

Although there are certain opportunities to go fishing in Winter, they are usually not as convincing for a fly fishing person.

So, what should I do?

Cabin Fever - Like a dark shadow the sword of Damocles hangs over the fisherman

Cabin Fever – Like a dark shadow the sword of Damocles hangs over the fisherman

6 Ways to Cope with Cabin Fever

Over the years, I compiled a few strategies to counter the perfidious chronic sickness of cabin fever.

1. Research new home waters

Provided the weather permits, I love to go for some exploration of new waters and stalking fish.

In case the weather is inclement, maps offer superb opportunities to look for new places. I am particular fond of printed maps, because they give me this feeling of being an explorer. In contrast, Google maps and Street View is very helpful in deciding on the true look of certain streams.


2. Practise Casting

I do not know, about your casting style, but mine could need some improvement. How about a casting clinic with an instructor?

3. Fly Tying

The obvious fly tying solution is not always the key. Especially because sitting still is not very convincing, when one misses to go out and move. However, combined with other approaches it is very helpful. Moreover, it increases the anticipation. Btw. what patterns do you tie?

Here’s a successful one:

4. Plan travels abroad

Rather than planning trips at home, other countries open a whole new variety. In particular destinations on the other side of the hemisphere can be fished in Winter too.

How about fly fishing abroad to cure cabin fever?
How about fly fishing abroad to cure cabin fever?

5. Prepare Gear

As written in the blog post about preparation for trout opening there is always something to clean or repair.

Now is the time!

Put it on the line, leave it until you put it on all your lines

6. Watch Fly Fishing Movies

Here are a few of my favorite fly fishing channels:

Andrew Harding

Rolf Nylinder

Mike Kirkpatrick

Chris NZ

Todd Moen

Jensen Fly fishing

Have you watched my latest adventure?

Best Cure for Cabin Fever

The best cure for cabin fever is the one you have at hands and suits your preferences.

When the urge to go fly fishing gains the upper hand, one thing or a combination of this list will do the trick. For instance, a fly casting session with a fishing buddy, subsequent fly tying, trout talk and video session, is almost a guarantee to ameliorate the side effects of cabin fever.

At least for a while and it is only 30 more sleeps until the season opens – finally.

Who is your favorite fly fishing film maker? What do you do when cabin fever hits you?

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