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DIY Making Fly Tying Earrings as Christmas present

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Once more, I found myself desperately looking for a present for my girlfriend for Christmas, when all of a sudden I remembered someone joking about making fly tying earrings. Here’s how I did it.

Materials used for making fly tying earrings

  • Feathers (I used Coq de Leon and some dry fly Whiting Capes)
  • Beads with large inner diameter
  • Headpins
  • Fish hook earring closures (According to this page they are called like this)
  • Thread on bobbin
  • Pliers to bend the headpin
  • UV Glue

You will find headpins and fish hook earrings in DIY stores for as little money as a few bucks. I bought them in the Coop Do-it in Switzerland.

How to make fly tying earrings

Probably the most difficult part is to choose the right feathers. Keep in mind that your girlfriend or wife should like them so decide with her hair colour in mind.However, I choose Coq de Leon, some grizzly hackle and some bronze dry fly hackle. These colours suit dark blond hair quite good. Then you put the headpin into you vice and attach the feathers with thread. Make sure that the two earrings are kind of mirrored because one is worn on the left and the other on the right side of the head. After you have attached all feathers and tightly secured them in place you can add some UV glue.

The next step is to put the beads with large inner diameter on the headpins to  cover the area of the thread. Be careful not to push the bead with force because you might break the quills of the feathers. Then you have to use your pliers to bend the head pin in a U shape. Moreover, at this point you have to add the fish hook earring closures. Then continue to bend the headpin to a O shape and wrap it a few times around the pin in order to secure it. You might try this step with an “unfeathered” pin beforehand to get the feel for the distance used for the wraps.

Then you only need to cut the excess of the pin and put it into a nice casket.

There you have your fly tying earrings!


Do you have any questions? What are your last minute presents?

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