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  • Small trout caught while fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud
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Fly Fishing in the Canton of Vaud

Yesterday, I went to the Canton of Vaud, where I met Petteri around midday. You may recognise Petteri from pictures on my Facebook page. We’ve been already together on the Alpine Trip guided by Firebelly. The reason why I had gone there, was to go fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud.

After a quick chat in the nearby restaurant, we headed out of the village to a small hidden fly fishing jewel. The river was just a few minutes walk out of the small town.

Amazingly huge and deep pool of such a small river
Hundres of promising looking pocket waters.
Artificial dam with fish ladder – nevertheless we’ve seen several nice trout in there.

At the river, I started with a dry fly-nymph rig. As soon as the first trout bit on the dry, I cut the nymph away and fished only with the dry. From then on we perfectly caught on dries all day long. My leader was 14 feet long. Furthermore, delicate presentation with a tippet diameter of 0.12 proofed to be key. However, sometimes the trout fed very aggressively. For instance on one occasion the dry uncarefully landed with a splash on the water and a trout darted out of its hiding place beneath a stone and eagerly sipped in the size 12 Royal Wulff.

Small brown trout caught while fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud
Grow larger little fellow and see you next time.

A while later we took a break to make a soup with the LACD Ultra Light Titan Gas Stove and the Sawyer Mini water filter. After several hours fly fishing we finally came to our last pool. It was surrounded by large boulders and several rapids which offered thousands of opportunities for a trout to hide. They could stay in any eddy and subsequently I waited indecisively. A hesitant rise in the bubble line of the main current helped to chose the casting area. The first few casts were ignored, but then a splash on the surface pumped my adrenaline. Unfortunately this trout waved goodbye with its fin during a spectacular jump and the dry fly shot back next to my head.

Lunch with the LACD Ultralight Titan Gas Stove and the Sawyer Mini Water Filter
LACD Ultralight Titan Gas Stove and Sawyer Mini Water Filter
Petteri casting at some pocket water eddies

Petteri had already packed and I was close to call it a day, if there was not a subtle rise between two rocks on my left hand side. Without hesitation nor thinking I casted across the current to the other eddy. Too far. I stripped some line in. The dry sunk. A shadow peeled from the bottom and within seconds I hooked the next trout. A short drill later I successfully netted the gorgeous brown trout. This was the climax of the trip while fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud and at the same time the end of an awesome day.

Last pool
Last trout
Accidentally the trout fell into the river

The rest of the story about fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud can be seen in the following gallery.
Thanks to Petteri for showing me such a beautiful place, it won’t be the last time that I’ve been fly fishing in the Canton of Vaud.

Petteri, thanks for your invitation!

Licences to fly fish in the Canton of Vaud

The licences can be purchased here.

Getting to the spots. #swimming #ig_nature #flyrod #pool #troutbum

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