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This page is all about fly fishing photography. However, this does not mean it has entirely to be fishy nor always to contain a fin within the frame. Fly fishing is a personal experience. It starts at home at the vise in preparation for a trip and ends with the return. During such a sojourn, every aspect, from the journey to the river until the caught fish, is included in the term fly fishing photography. Moreover, during overnight trips fly fishing photography in my sense includes even night photography.

The point I want to stress is that fly fishing photography on ExpediTom is quite versatile.

Are you looking for fly fishing photography?

Contact me! Whether it is for print in a magazine, only as wallpaper or to advertise your outdoor products. Write me an e-mail to: and we will discuss it. At the same time I want to remind you that all the pictures on this website have a copyright and must not be used by other people without my permission.

You can contact me as well if you are looking for a particular shot. If you do not find it here I may have a similar one on my hard disk. Furthermore, I might take the picture you are looking for on my upcoming adventures.

The images were taken with a Sony Alpha 5100 or Sony Alpha 6500 and thus I have them all in a high-resolution of 4000 x 6000 pixels.

ExpediTom does not only contain fly fishing images, but also fly fishing footage. To see videos you have to go to my video portfolio.