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Fly Fishing Streamers: Guided by Germano Vailati

Fly fishing streamers has always been a mystery to me.

Fly Fishing Streamers

Previously, fly fishing streamers appeared to me as a betrayal of the true spirit of this sport. As a small stream enthusiast, it just seemed akward to put anything bigger than a #12 jig nymph on your line.

However, when André told me that he is going to take a guided streamer course, I decided to give it a chance. Therefore, I joined as a mere observer and photographer.

Fair enough, my reluctant views were shattered into pieces – streamer fishing is a lot of fun and intricate too.

André fly fishing streamers in a promising looking hole.
André fly fishing streamers in a promising looking hole.

Guided Streamer Course

Former professional goalie for FCB, Germano Vailati, lead this guided course in the Kanton Jura. He is nuts about fly fishing and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Former FCB goalie and fly fishing crack Germano Vailati.
Former FCB goalie and fly fishing crack Germano Vailati.

Here are three things I have learnt by mere watching and listening.

Run and Gun

Coverage is key.

The more water you cover, the likelier it is to catch a larger trout. Germano took this fishing style to a whole new level.

Take a few steps after every cast. As soon as you fished the entire promising area, it is time to move on to the next spot.

Yet, this is not quite suitable for my Paddington Mode and at some point even André was tired.

ExpediTom passing out on the river bank.
ExpediTom passing out on the river bank.

Think Like a Streamer

Rather than thinking like a trout, it is time to be aware of how the streamer moves.

In particular, Germano is very thoughtful about where and how he presents the fly.

Think like a streamer - it's all about presentation.
Think like a streamer – it’s all about presentation.

From Zero to Hero

Fly fishing streamers is a zero to hero game.

Honestly, there might be several days in a row without any fish contact, but then there are also those magic moments.

Moreover, when everything falls into place, streamer fishing is the best way to target large trout.

Take Away Fly Fishing Streamers

André’s idea to spend money on a guiding to get us started in fly fishing streamers gave us a headstart in this style. Although success did not materialise, it was a day well spent with good company, a stunning river, and many laughs.

In terms of gear we used  #6-7 rods, coupled with floating lines and weighted streamers. The heavier flies allowed for a more aggressive casting style, which is a treat after a daunting week.

What is your experience with fly fishing streamers?

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