Fishing in the Halong Bay, Vietnam

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During my trip through northern Vietnam and Laos I carried a fishing rod with me which I used partly successful.


From Hanoi, Vietnam we went by bus, then boat and again bus to Cat Ba. As luck would have it we just saw some backpackers dismount from an old vessel. Although they looked pretty tired, they told us it was a great tour through the Halong Bay and they really recommend to do it with this family company. However: we booked the same vessel for the next 2 days. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name. But just ask returning backpackers if they recommend it.

After a nice Dinner on a swimming restaurant with a lot of seafood (yummy!:)) we went early to bed, because the next day we had to get up early. On the way home we ran into this fisherman.20140616_193216_LLSThe Halong Bay with thousand of limestone karsts and isles looks unreal and is very impressive.

IMG_4437 I was tired as well after the short night on the boat with a lot of very good … tea. :o)

20140618_083658 (2)But let’s talk about the fishing. On the first day I had the chance to fish after lunch. I used my semiparabolic 4-piece travel rod with a casting weight of 40-90g and a saltwater resistand reel. As far as I know there was a .40 line on the spool. I fished a white 10cm bait with green glitter on a dropshot rig.

Fishing in the Halong Bay, Vietnam after a short night.
Fishing in the Halong Bay, Vietnam after a short night.

The underground of the sea was stony with a lot of big rocks. I had no clue how to fish in the sea, nor what kind of fishes are down there and if my rod is accurate. With this thaugths in my head I began fishing.

I was showing my girlfriend how to move the dropshot rig as suddenly I felt a small hit in the rod. My conversation with my girlfriend stopped abrupt and I set the hook by lift up the rod. “Fish on!” I shouted. Still expecting a large fish. Unfortunately the fish didn’t give a big fight because the bait was nearly as big as the fish himself. But at least I caught one.;-) :)

It was a small greasy grouper as I found out on my Hongkong stay in 2015.




Soon after this nice little fish our boat drove further.

After the dinner I tried some nightfishing with our captain and his skipper. But we weren’t able to allure the fish to bite even if we used bigger screaming colored baits.

There is also the opportunity to book guided big game fishing, but that’s not my kind of fishing.


Did you ever go fishing in Vietnam or Asia? What did you catch? What were your top baits?

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  1. Steve

    ”Fish on” Must have some inspiration from jeremy wade

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