Minimalistic Fly Tying: Fake Hare’s Ear Jig Variant

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The fake Hare’s Ear jig nymph sinks fast, is easy to tie and looks irresistible to trout.

Easy, catchy flies to tie on a budget

Fly tying has always been something practical for me. I do not tie them just for the sake of the leisure activity but for the upcoming fishing adventures. Subsequently, I am usually on the look out for the most efficient fly patterns that require the least amount of time and material. They should be fast and easy to tie, need as little material as possible and are efficient. Therefore, I clearly belong to the group of minimalist fly tiers. Although there is the occasional time-consuming and difficult pattern, which has just proven too crucial too neglect nor substitute with anything else. However, today I would like to introduce you to a Hare’s Ear variant, which can be tied with almost any bushy dubbing and has produced many memorable trout.

Fake Hare's Ear jig variant nymphs
Fake Hare’s Ear jig variant nymphs

Fake Hare’s Ear Jig Variant Nymph

Imitates a wide variety of nymphs and given its weight works great as point fly to get down into strike zone. Usually, the Hare’s Ear pattern is tied with the material from which it got its name, but given that the fox and marmot dubbing by Swissline worked great for me I adapted it to my needs. Be creative!

Fly Tying Material

Material for fake Hare's Ear nymph
Material for fake Hare’s Ear nymph

Fake Hare’s Ear Fly Tying instructions

  1. Put the tungsten beads on all jig hooks.
  2. Form base layer with thread and add lead-free wire weight if required. Push lead-free wire towards bead and secure with a couple of wraps of thread.
  3. Tie in 5 pheasant tails fibre as long as the hook shank for the tail.
  4. Add a piece of mirage tinsel at the end of the fly and taper the body towards the front.
  5. Begin at the base of the tail by adding the beige dubbing to your thread. Try to taper the dubbing on the thread. Dub the fly until a few millimetres in front of the tungsten bead
  6. Create ribbing by mirage tinsel and tie it down. Add darker dubbing to create torax and whip finish. Pro tip: Add dubbing to the thread that is used to whip finish the fly.

    Secure the fly by UV-glue and brush it with a toothbrush to enhance the look.


The fake hare’s ear jig nymph sinks fast and is exceptionally catchy for trout. I usually fish it as a point fly with a sidearm pulling down a smaller and lighter nymph such as a pheasant tail or tiny Frenchie. This pattern has proven to be easily used for Czech nymphing and the jig hook prevents snags.

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