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The Last Engadin Guiding and why we quit

The last Engadin guiding took place earlier this month. Here’s a look back in time and why we quit.

Why we quit the Engadin Guiding

After finishing last year’s guiding season, André and I came to the conclusion that we wanted to quit. The reason is that both of us preferred having more time for ourselves fishing than watching and instructing others to do so. Additionally, we found it difficult to stay motivated to teach beginners, who only wanted to try fly fishing but lacked the spirit and passion that we share. Therefore, it became more and more frustrating. Subsequently, we won’t offer these Engadin guiding in this form anymore, meaning that we might offer something similar in the future with another constellation.

Last Engadin guiding views
Last Engadin guiding views

Engadin Guiding Highlights

This decision was not easy. Reminiscing about all the years we offered these weekend trips, I accumulated an astonishing number of great memories and valuable pictures. Here are a few of my best memories I collected over the years.

Fly fishing at a inconspicuous little bridge
Fly fishing at an inconspicuous little bridge

First Catch

Among my favourite moment is when a client catches their first fish. Even better, when it is on the dry fly. As I described thoroughly in the blog post about our first guiding, it was something that had to be earned.

What kind of fish is this? Grayling
What kind of fish is this?

Goals Achieved

Something we did again and again, was to collect goals of our participants at the beginning of each course. Apart from the serious goals, such as catching a grayling on a dry, there were some interesting ones now and then. Whereas my goal for our participants was that everyone catches at least one fish, André always wanted to teach somethign the can use later when fishing by themself: be it a cast, a strategy or just a memory. This procedure clearly showed that our guidings were mostly successful.

Goals achieved - finding fish
Goals achieved and looking forward to the next challenge

Last Engadin Guiding

So, this is it – the last Engadin guiding in collaboration with Villa Marguerita. It has been a pleasure to work with them. The outlook of their splendid meals kept us looking forward all day. André and I are still going fishing together, though we both stepped back from our efforts in guiding.

Thanks to all clients over all these years and tight lines!


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