Less Popular Pagoda for Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

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At the very last evening in Bagan just hours before embarking the night bus back to Yangon, we found a gorgeous pagoda to see the sunset without the crowds.

As I have written in the post about travelling from Mandalay to Bagan we found a pretty nice place to see the sunset without worrying about too many other tourists. Actually, there were only four others. Make sure you got a headlamp with you, because it is quite dark in the temple.

The place can be either reached from Old or New Bagan. It takes from the latter about 30 minutes by electro scooter. Leaving New Bagan to the north-east you drive until you see a huge temple on the left hand side with a distinctive golden roof. This building is called Dhammayazika Pagoda. You skipped the name don’t ya? It looks like this:

Dhammayazika Pagoda just outside of New Bagan where you turn left
Dhammayazika pagoda just outside of New Bagan where you turn left

Turn left and follow the path behind it. You will probably see some tourist buses stop here, but do not be lead astray. There is a smaller crowded viewpoint just behind the Dhammayazika pagoda. Yet, I highly recommend you to continue your drive, unless the sun already touches the horizon. Pass the first pagoda on the right hand side. Follow the path until you can see several more on your right hand side in one small spot. Walk around the building and you will find a cracked up grid door.


Enter the temple and go through a tiny door on the left. There are the stairs which lead you on top of the building. Mind your head, there is a wasp nest just at the end of the stairs. I felt like Indiana Jones during one of his expeditions.

Enjoy the beautiful view!

Here is a google map where I pointed out where the place exactly is. It seem that the pagoda’s name is “761”.

Map to a less popular pagoda for sunset in Bagan

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