ExpediTom takes you on a visual odyssey through Switzerland, capturing the essence of its diverse landscapes. From majestic mountain ranges to serene lakeshores.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland with ‘Homage to Switzerland,’ a mesmerizing video that pays tribute to 175 years of the Swiss Constitution. This visual masterpiece showcases stunning landscapes, captivating timelapse sequences, and enchanting wildlife footage, providing a cinematic journey through the heart of Switzerland. Experience the country’s rich natural tapestry and celebrate the essence of its constitutional legacy in this captivating homage to the picturesque Swiss landscape.

The following posts on this Website allow for more information on the various clips and timelapse:

Ibex Adventure Graubünden

Ermine Hammer in the Snow

Trout and Kingfisher – Fly fishing with Jonas

The Vulture: Overnight in the Swiss Alps



“Miguel Johnson – Unexplored Moon” ist unter einem Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0) Lizenz Musik gefördert von BreakingCopyright: http://bit.ly/b-unexplored-moon

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