Practice Casting to Escape the Winter Blues

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The trout seasons opens soon and I could not wait to cast again. However, it is very useful to practice casting from time to time, especially when you have not casted for a while over the winter months.

Last weekend it was time to practice casting with my lads Remo and André. We met in Wettingen close to a sports field on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But before practising on the sports field, we went down to the Limmat river. We put our rods together and attached instead of a fly some yarn at the end and the casting began. André proudly casted with his new Scott Radian #5 8’9’’ and produced some tight roll cast loops. We compared the loops to the Scott A4 #6, which produced much more open roll cast loops. Yet, after trying some more time, I had to admit that it is not only because of the rod. It seemed that my casting stroke tends to turn the rod to early instead of pushing the rod further away from me.

Remo casting some loops.
Remo casting some loops.

After the water born casts began to improve, we moved to higher grounds – the sports field. There we began practising each one by himself. While doing so, I started the drone and took some footage to get accustomed to flying around people and their shooting fly lines.

We then finished our afternoon casting session by doing a short competition. We started simply by distance casting, then continued with accuracy in short-, middle- and long-range distance. In the end we finished by casting backhand as well as with the weaker hand. This must have looked hilarious and was very difficult.

Summary Practice Casting

All in all, I had a splendid afternoon which improved my roll cast. Moreover, I had a lot of fun with André and Remo and I loved to use different gear and talk shop about it.

ExpediTom Drone Pilot.
ExpediTom Drone Pilot.

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