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Copper Tom Nymph (by ExpediTom) SALE!

3.90 CHF

The Copper Tom Nymph by ExpediTom is an improved variant of this world famous nymph. Characteristic are the copper wire – which gives the nymph its name – and the heavy golden tungsten bead. These two features help to get fast down to the bottom when there is no sign of feeding fish on the surface. ExpediTom improved this nymph by adding some decent blue flashabou colour at the back of the thorax to entice the fish to bite even more. Additionally, the hen feather legs were exchanged with pheasant tail fibres. For a detailed fishing report where the Copper Tom nymph special was fished follow to this post here *click*.

  • Barbless Akita hook
  • Size 14
  • Heavy tungsten bead 2.8 mm
  • Lead wire to weight it even more
  • Copper wire
  • Brown goose biots as tail
  • Decent blue flashabou point to trigger the fish to bite
  • 10% of sales are donated to an environmental organisation

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The Copper Tom nymph is one of the classical patterns which is used all over the world – usually called Copper John. Due to the copper wire body and the tungsten bead this nymph works perfectly to get down deep. The Copper Tom does not imitate one water insect in particular, but owing to the fact that it resembles different food sources of fish – they love them. I use the Copper Tom nymph in particular to fish in small to medium sized rivers. Depending on the depth and the current. Most of the time I use the Copper Tom nymph in a tandem rig as in this post about a fishing trip to a small mountain stream. Moreover, I used this nymph as well in New Zealand where I recently fished. The combination with a dry fly as indicator proofed to be deadly successful. Another way to fish it is with an unweighted nymph above the Copper Tom to dead drift the pocket waters. This czech nymphing style works perfectly fine with the Copper Tom.

Brown trout caught on a Copper Tom nymph
Brown trout caught on a Copper Tom nymph

What’s different with the Copper Tom Nymph ExpediTom special?

Well, the variant by ExpediTom is very similar to the traditional Copper John nymph despite two essential feature: The blue flashabou stripe over the thorax of the nymph. This little blue flash prooved to attract fish even more than just the traditional holographic flash. Furthermore, despite using partridge hen feathers for the legs the ExpediTom edition uses pheasant tail fibres. This pheasant tail fibres have a particular glare under UV light which is another attractor to the fish. Additionally, these fibres are stiffer than the hen fibres and therefore stick out even after some fish bit on the nymph. Thus, the nymph is durable.

The Copper Tom nymph by ExpediTom is handcrafted and there will be only restricted amounts offered. There may be some minor differencies between nymphs of the same name because I am not a professional tyer but all of them are of high quality. Moreover, 10% of the sales are granted to an environmental company who cares for fisheries around the world. To protect future fisheries.

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