• The mother of all pools
  • Brown trout
  • Villa Marguerita
  • The yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
  • Inn river
  • Grayling caught on an ant fly

Scouting Waters for the Fly Fishing Guiding

Ups and downs of scouting the Engadin for our upcoming fly fishing guiding.

Fly Fishing Guiding Engadin

To prepare for our Engadin Guiding in August/September, André and I spent a weekend in Zuoz. We visited many rivers and lakes, scouted new stretches of water and we also took time to fish. Apart from that, I also had the objective of creating a short promo video for this year’s events and any upcoming ones.

Scouting the Engadin

Arriving on Thursday, we did not waste any time and went straight to some side valleys. To our surprise the creeks were rather high flowing. The recent rain falls clearly affected those waters. At least most rivers remained very clear.

The following days, we also had a look at several waters we had not seen before. Among them were some very intriguing places. The Engadin truly offers endless opportunities for fishing. There is always a place to fish regardless of the circumstances.

Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) breading in Zuoz


Scouting waters "The mother of all pools"
Scouting waters “The mother of all pools”


In Zuoz, we stayed at Villa Marguerita, a wonderful bed and breakfast. The owners, Petra and Röbi, live and breath Swiss hospitality and make sure that their guests immediately feel at ease. Moreover, this is a fantastic location as homebase for fly fishing in the Engadin.

Villa Marguerita, Zuoz Engadin
Our scouting home base: Villa Marguerita, Zuoz Engadin

The Fishing

The fishing on the first day was rather slow even though the fish were clearly there. Neither dries nor nymphs were taken by trout and grayling. Therefore, we focussed our attention on scouting. The following the day the situation changed: Trout as well as grayling were eagerly rising to dry flies.

After a couple of tries, we found out that they were feeding on flying ants. This did the trick and we experienced the Engadin from its best side.


The weather forecast for the Engadin is not very accurate. Although it predicted bad weather, we experienced sunshine every day of our stay. Apart from some rain during the night, we had almost too bright conditions for fishing. However, the only annoying thing was the relentless Maloja wind, which picked up every day at about 10am. Therefore, we were on the lookout for places that are protected from the constant wind.

Morning mood Zuoz


Ups and Downs

The Engadin is truly a magnificent place that features manifold opportunities to go fly fishing. Combine it with the stunning scenery and you get a one of a kind trip. The fishing can be difficult at times and the wind is relentless, but it is part of the game and is very rewarding all in all.

Make sure to have some ants ready if you are visiting in Summer or swing by the fishing store called Engadin Fisch. Dani is a very knowledgeable person.

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