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Season Opening for Trout 2021 – A Short Story

The trout season 2021 is on!

Recap of the Trout Opening

On March 16, the trout season opened in many rivers throughout Switzerland. The recent rainfalls lead to higher river levels, which were quite necessary after a long dry spell. At the same time the temperatures plummeted to below zero. As a consequence, there was still snow even in the lower altitudes. Nonetheless, I went outside with Jan looking for suitable waters to go fly fishing. Due to murkiness of larger streams, we opted to head into the Jura mountains. I anticipated this day for a long time and my spirits were even higher than the water levels.

However, many people appeared to follow the lead of going to small streams. Hence, we encountered about a dozen anglers lining the riverbanks. As far as I can judge, we were the only fly fishermen. Therefore, we opted to go to less frequently fished places that are more difficult to get to. Despite our efforts to find feeding fish, it appeared that they are still glued to the bottom. There they remain motionless most of the day saving energy. I would probably do the same in water measuring 6° Celcius. Subsequently, we fished heavier nymphs throughout the morning, but this time we were not rewarded.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the company, being back out there and casting loops.

Trout season opening 2021 with Jan
Trout season opening 2021 with Jan

Trout Season Opening Comparison

Let us compare this trout opening to previous years.


Back in the days, I even stayed out there for 2 days to celebrate the season opening for trout. The first day, was rather slow, but on the second I made it. Eventhough the fish was small; I still was happy to have landed a fish. Weatherwise, it was also very cold (2° Celcius) and overcast.

Extended trout season opening 2017
Extended trout season opening 2017


This year, I was out and about with André chasing trout in the Bernese Jura. A light drizzle and an overcast day seemed perfect to hit the water. However, the temperatues (2° Celcius) and heaps of fishing folks made it more daunting. Although we put in a lot of effort, we neither caught a fish. This prompted me to write a blog post about the myth of trout opening.

Trout season opening 2018 with André
Trout season opening 2018 with André


In 2020, I couldn’t make it out on the first day, due to other urgent necessities. Thus, it was not until a week later that I went out with Jan. Water levels remained low and clear, so we hit the larger rivers. Moreover, the temperatures were warmer than usual. Firstly, I broke my rod which forced me to go back home again. Yet, on the second round, I caught a fat brown trout. This was the largest fish caught during an opening session for me. Might it have to do with the temperature?

Largest fish to date on an opening day (2020)
Largest fish to date on an opening day (2020)

Outlook for the Season

As soon as the water levels drop and the temperatures rise, I aim to scout the local rivers and creeks for new spots. Despite that most rivers change their course only slightly, pools and eddies form freely and often. Wish me luck to find feeding fish!

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