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  • Golden hour at our backyard

Escapism – Short Adventure in the Backyard

A short adventure outdoors was the remedy for these troubled times.

Current State of Affairs

There’s a fragile balance between taking too little and too much time for oneself. These days with lockdown and home office in place, it’s an even harder to strike the balance. I’m still looking for a permanent teaching job, but apparently substitutions are offered more abundantly. Even though I have time at hands, I struggle to take quality time for leisure activity. The pressure of finding the next job weighs heavy on me, so that I feel stressed even if I decide to take time off.

Such hustle can have detrimental effects on your health. A study has recently found out that there is a corellation between the average velocity of pedestrians in a city with their respective chance of having a stroke. In other words, the faster they walk the worse their health. I stumbled upon this research in the book “The Thing with Feathers” by Noah Stryker which is a fantastic read that draws connections between manifold bird species and human life. This book makes you appreciate bird life even more.


Short adventure with Philippe in our backyard
Short adventure with Philippe in our backyard where we were very lucky with the conditions – as usual.

High Time for a Short Adventures

Spontaneity is the name of the game when Philippe and I undertake anything. Be it our voyage to South America, an overnighter in the Swiss Alps or this short adventure on Monday afternoon.


He is currently working on his master’s thesis and it comes as no surprise that this arduous task absorbs him a fair bit. Due to the extent of this paper, it’s difficult to see any substantial progress of a single day’s work. Unsettled by the situation with corona we opted to escape by the means of a short adventure outdoors. Nothing fancy, just getting the smell of fire in our clothes as if we had been out there for weeks.

Short adventure to our backyard
Short adventure to our backyard

“Nothing fancy, just getting the smell of fire in our clothes as if we had been out there for weeks.”


Good talks, a fire, and views are all I needed to rekindle my spirits for the outdoors. More importantly, I was motivated yet again to get things going.

  1. Rob Mellors

    Getting out of the house, even for just a short time, really does lift the spirit Tom. It’s certainly essential for our wellbeing. Good luck with the job hunt.

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