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Taimen Menza Sonic Waders Review

Review about the Taimen Menza Sonic Waders! Are they any good?

Taimen Menza Sonic Waders Specifications

  • Made in ultrasonic-weld technology.
  • High-strength 4 layer Nylon construction
  • High-breathability and water resistance
  • DWR finish (durable water repellency)
  • Ergonomic cut
  • A suspending system that allows to roll down waders during hot days
  • Large chest pocket
  • Zippered, two pockets for warm hands
  • Waterproof YKK Zippers in front pockets
  • Inner pocket for accessories
  • 2 D-rings for accessories on the chest
  • D-Ring on the back for landing net
  • Ergonomic socks made of thick neoprene

The waders weigh 1260 grams (measured by me).

[In comparison, Orhon waders (1030g)
 River Master waders (900g)]

Product Website by Taimen

Taimen Menza Sonic Waders
Taimen Menza Sonic Waders
Taimen Menza Sonic Waders
Taimen Menza Sonic Waders – Hip-waders

Performance of the Taimen Menza Sonic Waders

After having owned the Taimen River Master and Orhon waders for more than two years, I was looking for a new pair. The previous waders had given in from tear and wear due to hundreds of fishing trips. Given my overall positive experience with these waders over the years, I reached out to Taimen in order to obtain another one. They sent me the Menza Sonic Waders just shortly before my adventure in New Zealand. A great opportunity to put the waders through their paces.

First look

The waders weigh more than my previous pairs, which results in a very solid feel of the material. The zippers are smooth, and the fit is comfortable. The girth around the chest is on the wider end, but this allows to wear thicker down jackets beneath. Although they are heavier than my previous waders, they can still be packed quite small. Furthermore, the option to transform them into hip-waders is very handy. What irritated me at first, was that the gravel guards are sewn upwards, which is different to previous waders. This causes sand to accumulate in the fold.


While fly fishing in New Zealand, I used them ten days in a row. Being outdoors day in the out, it was a treat to be able to swiftly transform them into hip-waders. What striked me was how useful the pockets were. Apart from the main chest pocket, there is a specific hand pocket with a microfleece as well as a small bag inside the waders for valuables. The only major drawback I experienced is that the zipper of the hand-pocket is not waterproof. Therefore, they fill with water when you kneel for pictures.

Moreover, the waders feature only two belt loops. Therefore, if the clip is undone, the belt is prone to fall out of at least one loop. I would have prefered another belt loop at the back to avoid loosing it.

Release of a rainbow trout in New Zealand
Release of a rainbow trout in New Zealand
Taimen Menza Sonic Waders Review
Taimen Menza Sonic Waders Review

Summary Menza Sonic Waders


  • Flexibility to wear as hip-waders
  • Durable feel and strong material
  • Pack size
  • Comfortable
  • Number of pockets (3: main chest, hand-pocket, inside bag)
  • Hand pockets with comfy microfleece
  • Prize


  • Zipper for hand pockets only waterresistant not waterproof
  • Gravel guards attached upwards (Fold collects sand)
  • Only 2 belt loops on waders

Verdict about the Taimen Menza Sonic Waders

The Menza Sonic waders convinced with their robust feel, useful hand pockets and the ability to wear as hip-waders. The only issue I experienced was the hand-pocket, which is not waterproof. Apart from that these waders perform flawlessly even in tough conditions.

Fly fishing in New Zealand with Menza Sonic Waders
Fly fishing in New Zealand with Menza Sonic Waders

Taimen Menza Sonic Waders cost CHF 196.- an can be purchase here.

Do you have any questions about the Taimen Menza Sonic Waders? What is your experience?

2 Responses

  1. Alessandro

    I really liked your post,
    so finally whitch one do you prefer between Sonic and Orhon ?
    Thank you,

    • Tom

      Hi Alessandro,
      thank you very much. If I had to decide between the Orhon and the Sonic waders, I would go for the Sonic. The reason for this is:
      – hand pockets are really useful
      – tougher material
      – The darker olive/grey colour blends in with the environment
      – currently cheaper on promotion
      Unless you really need to save the 200grams for backpacking/travelling it’s a no-brainer to go with the Sonic :)
      Here’s the Orhon review: http://expeditom.com/taimen-orhon-waders-review/
      Have a good day!
      Tight lines,

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