Taimen Orhon Waders Review

After testing the Taimen Orhon waders for more than four month, they impressed me in various ways. Read on!

Taimen Orhon Waders Specifications

  • 3-6 layer structure for improved durability
  • High breathability
  • External material with enhanced resistance
  • Leg made of strong, five-layer material with enhanced resistance.
  • Points subject to abrasion (rub through) reinforced with additional tape.
  • Built-in gravel guards.
  • Stretchable Belt
  • External pocket with waterproof zip fastener to protect contents against rain
  • Profiled socks made of resistant neoprene made by 3M
  • Bottom sock part made of neoprene with enhanced rub through resistance
  • Each wader checked 3 times separately


The waders with the belt weighs 1030 grams (measured by myself)

Taimen website

Performance of the Taimen Orhon Waders

The first impression of the Taimen Orhon Waders was pretty good. I like the blueish grey colour that suited the Taimen Ider Wading jacket. The fabric makes a tough impression which was underlined during my trip to Sweden, where the waders withstood bush walking and climbing over boulders. The only issue in the finish I could find were some thread that was not sowed properly. However, this does not affect the waterproofness.

Something that did not convince me was the red zipper which in my opinion is too eye-catching for fishing equipment. Yet, this is rather my personal taste that prefers natural colours.

An issue that got apparent during usage was that the branding is not made to last. Whereas the “Taimen” letters on the velcro fell off after 4 months, the logo on the buckles might soon as well.

One more negative point is a frazzled shoulder strap after 4 months.

Yet, this does not affect neither the waterproofness nor the breathability of the Taimen Orhon waders.

The usage overall was very comfortable and the guidelines for the wading belt hold it in place. This is an improvement to the River Classic II Waders, which did not have any guidelines.

For more detailed information please watch this video review.

Summary about the Taimen Orhon Waders


– lightweight (1030 g)

– Quality

– Colour

– Comfortable

– Durable

– Feet fit snuggly

– wading belt guides


– frazzled shoulder straps

– brand signature falls off

Overall I am very happy with the Taimen Orhon waders and am looking forward to wear them on my upcoming adventures.

The price of this item is currently CHF 218.- and can be purchased here.

Have you used the Taimen Orhon waders ? What is your experience? Do you have any questions?

5 Responses

  1. Philipp Pfneisl


    Now one year later. Is the Orhon still waterproof? Any other flaws registered?


    • Tom

      Hi Philipp
      How did you know? :P
      Indeed, they began to leak just weeks before I left for Canada last July. Given it was only little water entering the waders between the legs, I tried to fix them with tape and glue. Yet, it was to no avail and by the end of my Canada trip they leaked even more. However, I am looking back on 2 eventful seasons with lots of bush walking, kneeling, and sliding on rocks in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Patagonia and Canada.

  2. Philipp Pfneisl


    Thanks for your answer. How many fishing days did you master before it started leaking? Where did it leak into?


    • Tom

      Puuuuuh, hard to tell. As I wrote before I took them with me to Sweden, Austria, Patagonia, and Canada. Moreover, I fished almost weekly here in Switzerland, so I can’t tell how many days it is exactly. But quite a few. Water was entering the waders between the legs.

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