Take aways about Fly Fishing in Jämtland

During the time in Sweden, I learnt a lot about the local fishing. Here are 8 take aways!

Recently, I published the story about fly fishing in Jämtland, Sweden in 3 parts:

1: Skit Fiske Hårkan River

2: Långan at Risk

3: Fjäll around Åre

While these parts show the entire story about Sweden, some important take aways are spread all over the place. Therefore, I pulled together the best tips I would have liked to know before I went to Sweden.

 Blue Hour at the Steiner Lodge in Sweden
Blue Hour at the Steiner Lodge in Sweden

Take away #1 The Hårkan river is prone to flooding

As it became clear within the first few days, the Hårkan river easily floods. In our case it run twice the amount of water it would usually. Nevertheless, we stayed there for the time of our license (24 hours) and caught fish. However, the catch rate was far away from its usual glory if we believe the information from Swedish fishermen. The weather can be a crucial factor for fishing which you cannot change. However, there is still the opportunity to find water that’s less affected by heavy rain.

#2 The Långan does not flood easily

In contrast to the Hårkan river, the Långan stays low and mostly clear. The temperature of the water drops though. We assume that this was the reason we did not catch that many fish. There were only few moments were the water was boiling due to the fish activity. Yet, this is a speciality of grayling to be pretty time dependant.

#3 You do not need a torch during Summer in Sweden

Captain Obvious strikes again! I was not aware that Midsummer meant that it never really is dark. It is just a kind of dusk that happens about 11 pm and then slightly darkens until it gets brighter again at 1 am. The further north you go the more you will see this. Hence, I could have easily left my torch at home because even at 12pm in the tent I could easily find anything without a torch.

#4 Sleeping bags with temperature ratings down to 0° Celsius are a must

Although you do not need a torch, a warm sleeping bag is a must! Jan was cold during the first few nights and did not sleep very well, because his temperature rating comfort zone is at 10 degree celcius. Whereas he was in the risk zone at 0 degree celcius, I slept comfortable in my Sea to Summit sleeping bag. So watch out for good equipment!

#5 ICA for free WIFI

Wifi is readily available in Sweden. As our trip was focused on the outdoor experience, we barely had a restaurant at hands, but now and then we resupplied on food at the ICA supermarket. This is the place to not only get food, but also to contact friends at home.

#6 System Bolaget for alcohol

You cannot buy alcohol in a usual stores unless you are a fan of soft beer with less than 2.5%. Only official state-owned stores called “System Bolaget” are allowed to sell alcohol and it is very expensive. Usually you will find such a store close to the ICA.

#7 Recycling in ICA gives back money, can/bottle should not be squeezed

When you finally got your beer and relax at the river after catching some fish, do not crush the can with your foot! As strict the alcohol law is, as great ist their recycling system. In almost every ICA you will find an automatic refunding machine that reads the barcode of the bottle/can and gives you a receipt. Provided it can read the barcode as we found out.

You can show this receipt at the counter in order to get a discount on your next purchase.

#8 Never Cross a river if unsure to return safe

On the second day at the Långan river, I had the glorious idea to cross the river to look for fish at a small tributary. Needless to say, it was already pretty late and we actually were both hungry. We barely made it to the other side without being washed into deeper runs of the river. So we looked for another place to cross back.

There was no better place.

We tried to get back at 3 more places and every time one of us lost grip and held onto the other person. Even though it is not getting entirely dark in Sweden, we could not find the place we crossed the first time. It all just looked too similar. At the 4th place we finally made it to cross the river and were able to reach our camp.

The next bridge would have been about 15k away.

one way.

Never cross rivers if you are unsure whether you make it back.

These take aways I would have liked to know before fly fishing in Jämtland, Sweden and I hope they are of any help to you.

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