The Trout Season 2017

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The trout season 2017 in Switzerland finished on the first of October and it is time to look back on the highlights and take aways to prepare for the following season.

Early Trout Season 2017

The season started of with an extended fly fishing trip  because I did not catch anything on the first day. Therefore, I undertook an overnight trip already in March. On the second day, my stamina paid out with some wild fish caught on nymphs. In particular, small gold bead nymphs proved to be very successful.

Bivouac place

Moreover, I really got hooked on combining fishing with camping and so it came as no surprise that I ventured again on another bivouacking trip. This time, André joined me in the morning and we had a rather difficult time finding feeding fish. It was not long until we realised that certain streams require an unbelievable careful approach to catch any fish.

Careful approach of André keeping his silhouette as small as possible
Careful approach of André keeping his silhouette as small as possible

Additionally, we found some splendid dry fly spots where I could observe some trout rising for fat mayflies and captured it on tape. Needless to say that this short clip was a huge hit for ExpediTom with more than 77’000 views on Facebook!

Despite fly fishing videos, I created some reviews as well. For example, this short video about the Taimen Orhon Waders. Here’s the intro:

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What I realised during the first months of the trout season 2017, was my strong desire to explore small streams. I love to cast in tight spaces to wild fish and it is amazing to share those moments with friends such as Jonas, André, Claudio or others. Additionally, it surprised me how large these fish can grow in small waters.

Summertime Fly Fishing

Another curiosity that striked me, was how different trout look like in Switzerland. Subsequently, I wrote an article about trout diversity, which compiles my observations and is underlined by recent findings that were published in the newspaper.

Furthermore, it seemed urgently necessary that I post an article about the rules about Catch&Release in Switzerland. There is a lot of misinformation around on the world wide web. For example, Wikipedia states that C&R is prohibited in Switzerland as in Germany but this is not true. The clarification was much needed and I hope it helps foreign fishermen and women to see through the many regulations.

Catch and Release for their gens.

Another great fishing trip with André and Remo took place in early summer. We not only enjoyed great fishing with several fish to the net, but also ate delicious food on the river banks. Coffee included – just a real gentlemen’s fly fishing trip.

Gentlemen’s Fly Fishing

As mentioned above, I also went fishing with new friends such as Robin Melliger. He just started of with fly fishing but casted well enough that he caught his personal best trout on the fly.

Robin Melliger’s PB trout on the fly

Discovering new Waters

In the ExpediTom goals 2017 I pointed out that I want to explore new waters in Switzerland. Indeed, I ventured to several new rivers in Switzerland and found some true jewels I will visit again. Especially the streams in the Canton Bern convinced me. Be it in the Bernese Jura, close to the capital or at remote mountain streams – the rivers of Bern are awesome!

Lone Angler while fly fishing in the Kanton Bern, Switzerland

Another new place of exploration took place in the Canton Glarus about which I even cut a short video clip.


One of my highlights was fly fishing with a vegetarian girl and a friend from university, who neither had fished before. Together, we managed to catch our lunch and both of them were surprised on how active fly fishing is.

Take Aways Trout Season 2017

This season proved how crucial a careful approach is. Do not only cast as far as possible, but rather take a minute and observe your surrounding. Your catch rate will increase dramatically for sure. The largest fish was caught only footsteps away from me on a heavy jig nymph.

The largest fish of the trout season 2017
The largest fish of the trout season 2017

Apart from this, fly fishing proved to be a never-ending learning process that should be shared with like-minded people in order to develop a better understanding not only of fishing but more importantly of our environment and its fragility.

Great moments of the trout season 2017
Lunch and Corona – great memories of the trout season 2017

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