Tom ExpediTom
Tom ExpediTom

Tom is a fly fishing addict, an enthusiastic globetrotter and the founder of ExpediTom. Although he started fly fishing only recently, his adventures already took him into the thick jungle of Thailand as well as to remote valleys in New Zealand. Equipped with his beloved camera he captures his expeditions on tape and photographs to let you participate in his journeys all around the globe.

Wildlife photography

Being a passionate fly fisherman, Tom frequently spends several days in a row outdoors. He likes discussions about non-conformist ideas, respectful environmentally friendly behaviour and the feeling evoked by the ripple of a river. In contrast, Tom dislikes blisters, wet socks in the morning as well as vicious sandflies.

What is ExpediTom

The origin of the idea behind ExpediTom was brought to life while watching the artwork of acclaimed film producer Todd Moen. This watershed moment caused Tom not only to be craving for adventure, but reminded him also of his forgotten love to film making.

On Tom’s bucket list are amongst catching some anadromous fish species, travelling Patagonia, Iceland and Greenland as well as further exploration of his home waters in Switzerland.

Any questions? Contact me: and let’s go fishing!