This was the submission for the Fly Fishing Nation video contest by ExpediTom. Those guys from FFN decided after reaching 60’000 followers on Instagram to give something back to their audience. Therefore they made a Fly Fishing video contest where the challenge was to create a 15 seconds clip showing why you are Fly Fishing Nation in any way you seem appropriate. Additionally, you have to say your name, as well as “I’m Fly Fishing Nation”. My idea behind this short clip was to show the liberating feeling every fly fisherman finds in its solitude outdoors. For me, fly fishing is exactly about those fleeting moments where you feel excited and at the same time loosened up in mind when you stand close to such an elusive fish. It was quite difficult to shorten this to 15 seconds but it seems, that I succeeded doing that – Because I won the first prize!
The second place for the Fly Fishing Nation video contest was this video here and the third was that one here.

The prizes were the following:

1st: 7-day trip to the infamous Hotel Bräurup (included: 7 nights with full board and 7 day-fishing licenses | not included: alcoholic beverages, journey to the hotel) + Arctic Silver Innovation #5 9′ Fly Rod with Free-Flex concept. (This price is available within the regular fishing season of 2016 and 2017 set forth by Hotel Bräurup)

2nd: Arctic Silver Innovation #6 9′ Fly Rod with Free-Flex concept + Einarsson 7Plus Reel (FFN Special Edition) + Micro Diameter #7 Floating Line

3rd: Rio Fly Line of your choosing

What a great prize!

Fly Fishing Nation Logo
Fly Fishing Nation Logo


Gear used for this shots

Sony A5100 mirrorless camera

Travel tripod Rollei C5i

Tamron 18-200mm travel lense

Circular polarisation filter 62mm

Gopro 3 and Gopro 4

  • Project Type: Video Contest
  • Jury: The Fly Fishing Nation
  • Video Type: Short Movie
  • Project Year 2016
  • Website:

  1. Paul Kalman


    I am a resident of Louisiana and produce fly fishing videos
    Is it possible to submit some of my work for your consideration?
    Please let me know

    Thank you

    Paul Kalman


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