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Worst Fly Tying Set: Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit – Review

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Well, here’s finally a really bad review and I don’t recommend anyone to buy the Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit.

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Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit as advertised by

After starting fly fishing one year ago, I soon realised that if you want to experience the pleasure that this sport offers, you have to tie your own flies. For this purpose I bought various fly tying equipment, among others the Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit. This set was in extraordinarily bad quality and not even worth one penny.

Actually the Taimen Deluxe Tool kit is nothing more than a little case made of cheap synthetic leather with even worse quality tools in it. Taimen advertises its fly tying deluxe kit as:

“A set of tools for anglers-travelers, including all the necessary tools to perform fishing flies as well as a place where you can put the fly tying materials.”

Some tools broke within one week. But the icing of the cake was that the set didn’t even include all articles which are showed in the picture on the website. For example, the travel vise you see on the picture above wasn’t in the set. I wrote Taimen a review about the bad quality of this set but my review wasn’t even published. Therefore, ExpediTom rates the Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit as following: Never ever buy the Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit. This set is absolutely useless. I can’t recommend it to anyone.




– Missing travel vise

– cheap material

– bad quality of instruments

Useless Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit
Useless Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit

Summary Taimen Deluxe Tool Kit

I was and still am deeply disappointed by the brand Taimen because of this maltreatment of costumers. Although Taimen sells some outstanding gear with very reasonable prizes such as the Taimen Wader River II Classic and the Taimen Wading Jacket Master. However, this product showed me a very different side of Taimen.

Link to the Taimen website

Do you have any experience with Taimen products? Do you think this was a single case or not? What was your worst purchase ever?

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