Why Fly Fishing in Switzerland is special

Many times fly fishing brought me to remote corners of the globe. Yet, Switzerland has its very own place in my heart. Here’s why fly fishing in Switzerland is so special to me.

Scenic Switzerland

Walking down to the stream, I hold some foliage out of my face. Shortly after I catch a first glimpse of the small creek running over the gravel bed. The particular ripple of the creek I have heard already minutes ago, made my fly fishing soul exult. The sound promised an interesting stretch of water and the views were beyond my expectations. A series of deep blue pools made me pause for a second and take in the amazing scenery.

Fresh crisp clean creek while Fly Fishing in Switzerland
Fresh crips clean creek

Switzerland is known for its magnificent Swiss Alps, crystal clear creek and elaborated transport system. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many wonderful places are accessible by public transport. Within a few hours, you are able to escape the hustling city life of Zürich to remote mountain valleys. The mere thought of a city seems inappropriate.

Fly fishing in Switzerland for brown trout in small streams
Fly fishing in Switzerland for brown trout in small streams

Fly Fishing Diversity

Apart from the outstanding scenery and the mostly easy accessibility, it is the diversity of waters in Switzerland that surprise me every time anew. Most of the fly fishing in Switzerland focusses on trout, yet, one should not regard it as only one species. Trout are divers by themselves as I pointed out in my post on trout diversity. Besides the distinction between the brown and (rarer) rainbow trout, there are beautiful brook trout as well as the elusive tiger trout. The latter lives in particular in the Doubs river, but also in other streams in northern Switzerland. Their tiger-like pattern and aggressive feeding behavior are one of a kind. Furthermore, there are huge lake trout which have spawning runs starting as early as August and continuing until January.

Fly Fishing in Switzerland ExpediTom Swiss alps outdoor waterfall dark
Sudden end of a promising exploration

Next to trout, there are various other species to target for fly fishing in Switzerland. Perch, pike, chub, barbel and grayling are only a few. In particular fly fishing for grayling has proved to be excellent in the autumn and early winter months in order to bridge time during the closed season of trout. Even though, grayling populations are declining, there are still certain places where they are thriving and numerous fish well over 40cm.

Fly Fishing in Switzerland for grayling under water split shot
Underwater grayling

Incentives for Foreign Anglers

Another fact that is crucial for foreign visitors is that almost anywhere you will find people being able to speak English. Even though Swiss people are generally speaking introverts, they happily help you when asked politely. Furthermore, the license system in certain provinces is pretty straight forward, offering daily licenses online (i.e. Kanton Bern). In many other parts of Switzerland, you can obtain day licenses at certain local shops. However, due to the federalist system with 26 provinces, Switzerland does no have any national license which allows to fish anywhere. So, always make sure you are allowed to fish.

Trout diversity in Switzerland Fly Fishing in Switzerland outdoor, catch and release Swiss alps
Trout diversity in Switzerland

Last but not least, it is about the experience you made and the friends you met along the way. Why fly fishing in Switzerland is special to me is mostly due to many unforgettable moments I made with fellow fishing buddies.

Why Fly Fishing in Switzerland Summary

Fly Fishing in Switzerland offers divers possibilities to catch various fish almost any kind of water – except salt water. Foreign visitor can profit from a well established public transport system which allows to go to even remote areas and still be able to get advice from English speaking locals. Moreover, the license system – although complicated – allows to easily obtain a day license to fish certain waters.

However, the most crucial factor why fly fishing in Switzerland is so special to me, remains the amazing scenery.

Fly Fishing the Swiss Alps Fly Fishing in Switzerland Outdoor, Mountain, Scenery, Scenic swiss alps spring
Fly Fishing the Swiss Alps

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