Arctic Silver Innovation Micro Diameter Fly Line Video

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Here’s a brief video review about the Arctic Silver Innovation Micro Diameter Fly Line. Check it out!

Specifications of the Micro Diameter Fly Line by ASI

  • 10 meters head
  • 12.5 grams head (#5)
  • 30 meters length
  • Improved energy transfer
  • High line speed
  • Less spray on pick-ups
  • Less water disturbance
  • Straighter casts
  • Low diameter helps cut through wind and allows more backing on the reel
  • Strong braided core with tough bonding to the coating
  • Strong welded micro-loops on both ends
  • Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting


Performance of the Micro Diameter Fly Line

As the name suggests the Micro Diameter Fly Line is very tiny. Yet, I actually expected the line to be even smaller in diameter than it is. In comparison to a Guideline Fario fly line, the head is only insignificantly smaller. However, the fly line was especially designed for the Arctic Silver Innovation fly rod with the free flex system. I have to admit that the combo fits quite nicely.

Moreover, I appreciated the dull grey colour, which is not as clashing as other fly lines do. If you plan to go to New Zealand, a dull colour of the fly line is a must (according to some guides over there).


Small Diameter

Floats very well

Pretty stable while casting

stiffness of the core results in straighter casts

Uncoils elegantly

fits the ASI fly rod


Less water disturbance


I expected the line to be even thinner

Summary of the review about the ASI Micro Diameter fly line

The MD fly line by ASI is well designed fits perfectly to the rod of the same brand. Not only the design of the line is well done, but also of the box in which it is delivered. This packaging functions as well as a fly box. However, as you can see while comparing the specifications of the brand and my pro and cons, not all of their promises are fulfilled. Assumably, some information by ASI are rather marketing tools rather than features relying on the actual behaviour of the line. Still, it is a decent fly line which I love to cast with my ASI fly rod.


Do you have any questions about this fly line? What’s your favourite one?

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