Sale! Copper John Nymph
Copper Tom Nymph (by ExpediTom) SALE!
The Copper Tom Nymph by ExpediTom is an improved variant of this world famous nymph. Characteristic are the copper wire - which gives the nymph its name - and the heavy golden tungsten bead. These two features help to get fast down to the bottom when there is no sign of feeding fish on the surface. ExpediTom improved this nymph by adding some decent blue flashabou colour at the back of the thorax to entice the fish to bite even more. Additionally, the hen feather legs were exchanged with pheasant tail fibres. For a detailed fishing report where the Copper Tom nymph special was fished follow to this post here *click*.
  • Barbless Akita hook
  • Size 14
  • Heavy tungsten bead 2.8 mm
  • Lead wire to weight it even more
  • Copper wire
  • Brown goose biots as tail
  • Decent blue flashabou point to trigger the fish to bite
  • 10% of sales are donated to an environmental organisation
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