Fernwehfestival in Bern (Wanderlust Festival)

Once a year in October Globetrotter organises the Fernwehfestival in Bern, which attracts people from near and far to come and see fantastic presentations about travelling.

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The Fernwehfestival in Bern took place in the Kursaal, only 15 minutes away from the trainstation. It is a must see for world travellers. Not only are there heaps of interesting brands such as Transa, Explora and of course Globetrotter, who share their knowledge about places all over the word, but there are also several presentations about travel related topics. These presentations at the Fernwehfestival in Bern range from underwater photography by Otto C. Honegger (Nikon) to informative talks about certain travel regions such as Micronesia by Danny Hueber (Globetrotter). Some of these presentation cost money, but most are free. Among the ones you have to pay are presentation by world class climber Ueli Steck.

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Different kind of stands
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More stands

The Fernwehfestival in Bern still continues today, so you might go there too. Today additional to the stands by Nikon, Globetrotter, Explora and more, there are several interesting presentation going on. For example, ‘Truk Lagoon – bester Wrack Tauchplatz der Welt’, ‘Alaska’, ‘Förderpreis Globetrotter World Photo’ as well as ‘Neuseeland – 200 days at the most beautiful end of the world’. As you can see there is a variety of topics and every world traveler finds something.

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Transa is there too
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Himalaya Tours


Another little stand I found interesting was the one by Lowa where you were able to analyse your feet by a scanner. You get a paper which states the exact proportions of you feet as well as your shoe size in the European, American and Japanese shoe sizes.

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Lowa foot analysis

Summary of the Fernwehfestival in Bern

Most of the Fernwehfestival convinced me and is authentic, however, the food was overprized and not authentic. Nevetheless, this is a great place to gather information and inspiration for new travel destinations while you are stuck in Switzerland. However, the splendid weather made it quite tolerable to be in Switzerland.

The homepage of the Fernwehfestival in Bern is here.

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What a view

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